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“Sound Connects Fund” Regional Hub Announces Winners of Third Call for Projects in Southern Africa

The regional hub “Sound Connects Fund” has recently completed its third funding cycle, focusing on organisations in the cultural and creative sectors in Southern Africa. After carefully reviewing nearly 120 applications, the fund selected 14 beneficiaries from eight countries in the region to receive grants totalling EUR 873 000.

Among the winners are diverse projects that showcase the richness and diversity of African creativity. Here’s an overview of the awarded initiatives:

  • 16NetO Limitada (Mozambique) – A hybrid creative space in Maputo that combines exhibitions, concerts, training, festivals, talk shows, workspaces, a restaurant, and a craft shop.
  • Afroprint Line (Namibia) – A brand based in Windhoek, Namibia, producing a wide range of products, including bags, clothing, games, and decorations. Their notable product is the Swift30 board game.
  • Barefeet Theatre (Zambia) – A non-governmental organisation using arts to make a positive impact in the lives of vulnerable children and young people.
  • Chenhaka Trust (Zimbabwe) – An innovative arts organisation aiming to contribute to community transformation and development through creative arts.
  • eSwatini National Council of Arts and Culture (eSwatini) – A non-profit administrative organisation, mandated to preserve, promote, and coordinate arts and culture matters in the Kingdom of eSwatini.
  • Fundação Fernando Leite Couto (Mozambique) – A Mozambican non-profit organization working to enhance and promote sustainable development through programs in education, health, and culture.
  • GEM Institute (Lesotho) – A community-based social enterprise and innovation impact hub promoting active civic engagement, creativity, and technological adaptation.
  • 9Films (Angola) – An audio-visual production company specializing in corporate, institutional, and artistic content creation.
  • Ntha Community Foundation (Malawi) – An education trust fostering the use of creativity and innovation for entrepreneurial development.
  • Nzango Artists Residency (Mozambique) – A vibrant cultural exchange platform for artists from Mozambique and neighboring countries, facilitating sustainable partnerships through artist residencies, music production, and audio-visual content.
  • Open Arms Trust (Namibia) – A charitable organisation established in 2005, empowering Namibians in the education, arts, and culture sectors.
  • Pakachere Backpackers & Creative Centre (Malawi) – A creative hub for youth in Zomba, implementing various projects to make a positive social impact.
  • POVO Afrika Trust (Zimbabwe) – A Zimbabwean non-profit organization catalyzing grassroots public engagement on national agenda issues in arts, culture, and sustainable development.
  • Sky Alpha HD (Lesotho) – A digital urban contemporary Basotho-owned online radio station.

Thanks to the support of the Sound Connects Fund, these projects will be able to develop a positive impact on local communities and continue to contribute to the cultural influence of the region. We look forward to seeing the fruits of their endeavours.


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