Support mechanisms for audiovisual

Increased support to the ACP film and audiovisual sectors

The ACP-EU Culture Programme includes an innovative mechanism to support audiovisual co-productions in African, Caribbean and Pacific (ACP) countries.

Grants from the programme are allocated to existing co-production funds and are additional to the funding they provide on the ground through their calls for proposals.

This decentralised approach facilitates operators’ access to joint funding (traditional support and the programme’s “bonus”), as well as the circulation of ACP works on national and international markets. Thanks to the ACP bonus, projects can benefit from substantial financial support, which will make it easier for them to complete their co-production budget.

Partner co-production funds


The CLAP ACP fund aims to contribute to the development of the ACP audiovisual sector by focusing on the development of co-productions that will improve the quality and increase the quantity of films and series produced, as well as regaining local markets and raising the profile of ACP countries internationally.


The DEENTAL ACP fund seeks to strengthen the financing of supported ACP cinematographic works, encourage the structuring and professionalisation of the sector, encourage the circulation of ambitious works and stimulate job creation.


The WCF ACP fund aims to support audiovisual production by increasing funding opportunities for co-production projects and to encourage co-productions between European producers and ACP directors, particularly from countries with little international activity.

Want to know more?

Our brochure will give you a good understanding of the basis of our action and the contours of the support mechanism for the cinema and co-production sectors in the ACP countries.