Support mechanisms for audiovisual

Renewed support for ACP audiovisual co-production

On 12 March, the ACP-EU Culture Programme launched a new call for proposals to support ACP audiovisual co-productions with a total of 4 150 000 euros. The selected co-production support funds will be responsible for allocating funding to ACP project promoters.

Through this call, the Programme intends to support the conditions for the creation and production of works, to strengthen the sector’s capacities and to facilitate the circulation of the works produced on national, regional and international markets through ACP-EU co-production.

How will it work?

The call will select and subsidise existing funds supporting the audiovisual sector, whose main activity will then be to launch calls for grants to project promoters in the field. They will also accompany field operators with capacity building activities.

The €4,150,000 envelope will be added to the funding that these selected funds usually grant in the field via their calls for proposals. This decentralised approach facilitates operators’ access to joint funding (traditional co-production fund support, complemented by a bonus from the ACP-EU Culture Programme).

This approach will cover the co-production of cinematographic and audiovisual works, including the post-production phase. All lengths, formats and genres will be accepted: short films, feature films, TV series, web content and mini-series, fiction, animation, documentary, virtual reality, 3D and video games, etc.


Applicants will act as a consortium of at least two organisations, with equal or majority ACP representation. Consortia may apply for a minimum of € 1 037 500 or a maximum of € 2 075 000, representing a maximum percentage of 80% of the total eligible costs of the action.

Proposals will be received until 31 May 2021 at 16.00 CET.

The call for proposals and its documentation can be consulted at

If you have any questions regarding the call and the modalities of participation, please write before 10 May 2021 to

ACP-EU Audiovisual Co-production Funds


The Fonds Images of the Organisation internationale de la francophonie (OIF), in partnership with the Film Industry Support Fund (FONSIC) of Côte d’Ivoire have set up the CLAP ACP scheme with the financial contribution of the ACP-EU Culture programme.

CLAP ACP aims to strengthen the film and audiovisual sector in the countries of the Organisation of African, Caribbean and Pacific States by facilitating co-production. Ultimately, the aim is, among other things, to increase the volume of co-productions and optimise their efficiency and dissemination.

The Fonds pour la Jeune Création Francophone supports film projects (short and feature-length films), audiovisual series and web content through the allocation of selective aid that can intervene at the development, production and/or post-production stage. Thanks to the involvement of broadcasters in the scheme, the fund also makes it possible to assess the distribution potential of projects as soon as they are selected.

Within the framework of the ACP-EU Culture programme, the DEENTAL-ACP action will enable projects receiving production support from the Fund for Young Francophone Creation to obtain additional support (called “Bonus”).


The World Cinema Fund (WCF) has launched the WCF ACP programme, which offers an additional funding opportunity for projects in the WCF and ACP regions. It will supplement the funding of projects whose financing has been recommended by the WCF or WCF Africa jury to potentially double or even triple the production funding granted to these projects.