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Dakar Trottoirs is the story of an unusual love between Siirou and Salla, two young people who were street children and who face the harsh realities of some African urban youth. The film follows a group of teenagers with no family, free and on the fringes of society who, with their coming of age, find themselves confronted with a new set of dreams

BENEFICIARY PROJECT "CRISTO REY" : trailer of Leticia Tonos new film (ACP Cultures+ programme)

Cristo Rey is set in the Dominican Republic and depicts the complex relations between the Haitian and Dominican diaspora. Two brothers from different mothers, one Dominican and the other Haitian, will have to learn how to live together in Cristo Rey, a rough area of Santo Domingo.

BENEFICIARY PROJECT "AFRICAFILMS.TV - MOBICINÉ" : trends of the African audiovisual market (ACP Cultures+ programme)

Enrico Chiesa, AfricaFilms.tv's director highlights what has changed in the African audiovisual market in 2012 both on the production and on the consumer front ; the rise of tablet and mobile payment usage and two emerging countries for quality productions: Senegal and Kenya. Historically AfricaFilms.tv is the first legal African paid VoD platform.

Festival Africa Fête Itinérant : workshop on the launch of the project. Dakar (ACP Cultures+ programme)

The " Africa Fête” music festival, established by producer Mamadou Konté, is going on tour. Over three years, it visited four countries; Benin, Cameroon, Senegal and France. The main actions foreseen included: over 60 groups scheduled, the international circulation of cultural sector operators and artists, creative residencies in three African

Yared Zeleké : "Lamb" (ACP Cultures+ programme)

Ama Ampadu is the co-producer of Yared Zeleké's "Lamb", shot entirely in Ethiopia with a financial contribution of 400.000€ from the ACPCultures+ Programme. The project made a huge impact on whoever worked on it, one of them being an non-actress that acted for the first time and now is growing and is even playing a lead actress in a Swiss film,

Emily Akuno, Technical University of Kenya (ACP Cultures+ programme)

Emily Akuno is representing the Technical University of Kenya, a partner of the "African Music Development Programme", implemented by the International Council Music. Through collaborations with other universities, institutions and companies in the music industry, Technical University of Kenya gained knowledge on what skills to train their

Video "teaser" of the ACP-EU CULTURE programme

Short video presentation of the ACP-EU Culture programme (EN version, with FR sub-titles)


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