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World Cinema Fund: two African projects receive the ACP bonus

During the 36th session of the Berlinale World Cinema Fund (WCF) jury, six funding recommendations were made for projects from Burkina Faso, Chile, Colombia, the Democratic Republic of Congo, Egypt and Iran, as well as one distribution funding recommendation for the German release of a film from Sudan. Of these, two recommendations benefited from the ACP bonus.

“At this time, in times of war and global conflicts, the work of the WCF seems particularly important. The WCF actively promotes the democratisation of international collaborations. Furthermore, it focuses on films that connect people instead of confining them – films that convince with their artistic identity”, says Vincenzo Bugno, director of the WCF.

The projects supported by the ACP-EU Culture bonus are:

  • Al Djanat, directed by Aïcha Boro (Burkina Faso). Production: Les Productions Métisées (Burkina Faso), Aïcha Boro and Merveilles Productions (Benin), Faissol Gnonlonfin. Documentary format. Funding: €30,000. Additional funding provided by WCF ACP: €60,000.
  • Un reptile par habitant, directed by Zeka Laplaine (Democratic Republic of Congo). Production: Bakia Films (Democratic Republic of Congo), Zeka Laplaine and Set Bet Productions (Senegal), Sokhna Sene. Feature film. Funding: € 40,000. Additional funding provided by the WCF ACP: €80,000.


See the press release for more information.


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