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The Sound Connects Fund announces the results of its 2nd call for projects

Following a call for projects launched in March 2022 in the Southern African Development Community (SADC) region, the Sound Connects Fund has announced the winners of its second cohort of project applicants.

The call received a strong response from the region’s cultural community with innovative proposals in a wide range of disciplines including music, dance, film, fashion, visual arts, theatre, animation and literature. The number of applications from Portuguese-speaking countries also increased significantly.

Final beneficiaries were selected from eight countries and received funds of varying sizes totalling €911,000. The duration of the projects will vary between eight and twelve months depending on the size of the grant.

The successful applicants are:

  • Centreprise Investments Lts T/A Chaftop Animation (Zimbabwe)
    Project name: Quack Quack Duck
    Grant: €97,000
    Discipline: Animation
  • Chipata Radio Services T/A Breeze FM (Zambia)
    Project name: Promotion of Traditional and Indigenous Communication Systems for the People of
    Eastern Zambia, Malawi and Mozambique
    Grant: €62 406
    Discipline: Performing arts
  • Copyright Society of Malawi (Malawi)
    Project Name: Malawi Digital Archives
    Grant: €100 000
    Disciplines: Music, film, photography, and literature
  • FreeYourMind Entertainment (Namibia)
    Project name: Sounds of Nam: A National Tour
    Grant: €75 452
    Discipline: Music
  • Gabinete de Conservação da Ilha (Mozambique)
    Project name: Macuti Festival: traditional dances, music and theatre on the reinforcement of the cultural heritage identity of the Island of Mozambique
    Grant: € 59 890
    Disciplines: Dance and theatre
  • House on Fire (eSwatini)
    Project name: Collabo-Nation
    Grant: €100 000
    Discipline: Music
  • Modzi Arts (Zambia)
    Project name: Rackless Abutu
    Grant: €100 000
    Discipline: Visual arts
  • MOVART- Arte em movimento Lda (Angola)
    Project name: Nzinga Residency – MovArtSocialProject (MASP)
    Grant: €90 700
    Discipline: Visual arts
  • Windhoek Fashion Week (Namibia)
    Project name: MTC Windhoek Fashion Week
    Grant: €100 000
    Discipline: Fashion, music and animation
  • Xiluva Artes LDA (Mozambique)
    Project name: Promoting Access to Art and Culture Products for Children in the Periphery of Maputo
    Grant: €35 594
    Discipline: Arts education
  • YC Films (Mozambique)
    Project name: Nahota
    Grant: €60 000
    Discipline: Film and digital technology
  • Zimbabwe Theatre Academy Trust (Zimbabwe)
    Project name: Enhanced capacity for young theatre makers as a vehicle for cultural promotion and commercial venture
    Grant: €35 990
    Discipline: Theatre

For more detailed information on our beneficiaries and their projects, please read here:

The third and final call for applications for Sound Connects Fund grants is expected to open in the last quarter of 2022. For more information about the fund, interested eligible applicants can visit: 


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