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Results of the 4th call for projects in development of the Fonds pour la Jeune Création Francophone

The fourth commission of the Fund for Young Francophone Creators for projects in development was held online on 28 July 2021.
Since 2021, two calls for proposals are open each year: one exclusively for projects in development, the other for projects in production and post-production. The second committee, for projects in production and post-production, will be held in December.

This year, out of the 138 projects submitted in development, 83 were declared eligible, including 20 short films, 43 feature films and 20 series, from 18 countries (Benin, Burkina Faso, Burundi, Cameroon, Cape Verde, Congo Brazzaville, Congo DRC, Côte d’Ivoire, Gabon, Guinea Conakry, Haiti, Comoros and Mauritius, Madagascar, Mali, Central African Republic, Rwanda, Senegal, Togo).

At the end of the commission, 14 of them were selected:
– 8 fictions, 1 animation and 5 documentaries
– 4 short films, 8 feature films, 2 series
– 5 projects were submitted by female directors and 9 by male directors

The diversity and quality of the projects submitted were praised by the committee in charge of deciding on development grants.

Born of a common will and piloted by the Centre national du cinéma et de l’image animée (CNC), the Wallonie-Bruxelles Federation, Wallonie Bruxelles international, the Film Fund Luxembourg, the Société de développement des entreprises culturelles (SODEC), Telefilm Canada, TV5MONDE, France Télévisions, the SACD, the SACD Belgium, the SACD Canada and Generation Films, the Fonds pour la jeune création francophone is a mechanism to support cinematographic and audio-visual creation in French-speaking countries of sub-Saharan Africa and Haiti.

It aims to support the emergence of new directors and producers, and to accompany their projects in the development, production and/or post-production stages. Depending on the stage of development of the selected projects, they may benefit from a writing residency for their authors, a cash contribution for the production of the film and/or post-production services.

The following projects have been selected for development support in 2021:

4 short films:

“Abalolo”, fiction by Mr. Colon Kishabongo Assany (Congo DRC)
“Je n’ai pas choisi”, animation by Ms Adja Mariam Mahre Soro (Ivory Coast)
“L’homme de la maison”, fiction by Mr Mamadou Hady Diawara (Guinea)
“M. Franck”, fiction by Ms A. Aimée Akakpo-Toulan (Togo)

2 series: 

“Les maîtres de l’élégance”, fiction by Mr Okoko Nyumbaiza (Congo DRC)
“Office”, fiction by Ms Lucrèce D’Almeida (Benin)

8 feature films :

“Kamina, la cité oubliée”, documentary by Mr Amanou Yelebo (Togo)
“Kivu, le lac de la vie”, documentary by Mr Elisé Sawasawa (Congo DRC)
“Le goût des larmes”, fiction by Mr Jean-Maurice Kabuguza (Rwanda)
“Manny ansar, la musique m’a tout donné”, documentary by Mr. Intagrist El Ansari (Mali)
“Sere bouboun”, documentary by Ms Phalonne Pierre-Louis (Haiti)
“Tam tam”, fiction by Ms Mireille Nyonsaba (Burundi)
“Vestige du passé”, documentary by Mr Fara Konaté (Senegal)
“Virunga”, fiction by Mr. Carlo Lechea (Congo DRC)


Source: CNC


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