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Ignite Culture: Meet Simma Africa

More than a year after the launch of the Ignite Culture Fund, which supports cultural and creative industries in East Africa, a first cohort of winners has launched a series of innovative projects with the help of their grants. Let’s meet them!

Simma Africa is a Uganda-based non-profit organisation that uses creative and digital arts to empower sexual minority groups, refugees and women, improving their livelihoods and skills, creating cultural and creative assets and building community brands.

Through their grant-funded project, The Orisha Pride Project, the organisation will train these communities in the production of clothing and accessories. The products will be sold both in their existing shop and via an e-commerce application that will be developed as part of the project. The project also plans dialogue sessions with policy makers and decision makers, the content of which will be shared on the project platforms.

In order to carry out its capacity building project, Simma Africa has procured industrial sewing machines and a camera for monitoring and evaluation.

Stay tuned. More information will be available in the near future.


© Photo credit: Simma Africa


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