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Fiji: VOU Fiji supports job creation for young people in the dance sector

VOU Fiji, a contemporary dance school in the Fijian capital, has just received the first grant from the Pacific Pole of the ACP-EU Culture Programme.

The grant – worth EUR 179,000 – will support the school’s efforts to create decent jobs for women and young people in the creative industries.

VOU promotes the art of storytelling by offering traditional tales through contemporary dance and music, which it disseminates through the media.

According to Sachiko Soro, Director of VOU Fiji, the project will create full-time employment for 100 young people. “It is mainly about providing scholarships to young Fijians to finance higher education. We have 40 scholarships to distribute.”

The scholarship holders will have the opportunity to graduate while working as full-time dancers. VOU is currently preparing six shows for them to work on.

“We want to develop employment streams that don’t yet exist in Fiji that will allow the creative industry to function.” she added.


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