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EUNIC seeks new ways of doing cultural relations outside the EU

Last January, EU National Institutes for Culture launched a Call for Ideas – their second – under  “European Spaces of Culture” to redefine the idea of what European cultural relations can be, by finding and testing new innovative ideas for models or to retest and scale up models already identified in the course of previous actions.

With an enveloppe of €500,000 and an additional Mobility grant scheme of € 14,000, the call requires proposals to be co-created by local stakeholders (e.g. civil society organisations, local cultural actors, etc.), EUNIC members and EU Delegations in the spirit of equal partnership.

Depending on the funding requested, around 10 projects are planned to be funded.

Project proposals will be received until 13 June 2021.

For more information on the application process, please visit:


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