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East African ACP-EU Culture hub announces winners of latest cohort

The East African ACP-EU Culture hub has unveiled the laureates of its latest cohort, marking a significant stride in the promotion of African cultural creativity. The spotlighted organizations are the Rencontres du Film Court de Madagascar (RFC), a pioneer in Madagascar, and Sauti Sol Entertainment, a gem from Kenya. Both entities have successfully navigated the six stages of the evaluation process.

Rencontres du Film Court de Madagascar (RFC)

Established in 2006 by Laza Razanajatovo, RFC is committed to reviving the prestige of Malagasy cinema by fostering local capacities in film production and distribution, while enhancing the nation’s presence on the international cinematic stage.
With the backing of Ignite Culture, RFC will bring to life the 2023 edition of ANIM’ATO MADA, a training and production residency aimed at imparting knowledge and technical skills in image-by-image animation. This technique creates the illusion of movement in static objects such as articulated figurines, articulated models, folded paper, and modeling clay.

An open call for applications, running from July 25 to August 15, 2023, enabled experienced animators (2D, 3D, and motion designers) from ACP countries and the Indian Ocean region to submit their applications. The evaluation process will select at least 10 animators for a high-level seven-week program to be held in Madagascar. They will delve into stop-motion animation techniques while developing a feature-length production, set to premiere during the 18th edition of the MADAGASCOURT Film Festival in September 2023.

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Sauti Sol Entertainment

Sauti Sol Entertainment positions itself as a catalyst for African artistic culture with global reach. Operating from Africa as its base, Sauti Sol Entertainment aims to connect with African communities, particularly the youth and aspiring artists, as well as seasoned art enthusiasts. The organization collaborates with creators to provide resources necessary for artists to thrive in the realms of recording and performance. The awarded project will extend its reach to Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, and Rwanda. In the context of Ignite Culture’s latest call, the association presented the “Safari Series” project, an initiative focusing on three major pillars: artistic development, training, and visual production.

Artistic Development: A program geared towards artistic development aims to transition young Kenyan artists from novices to professionals by enhancing their skills, bolstering their branding, and opening new avenues in physical and digital markets. Through this program, artists Bensoul and Nviiri the Storyteller experienced career breakthroughs after three years of participation. They now rank among the top five most streamed artists in Kenya, resonating across Africa. This initiative seeks to elevate East African artists on the global stage.

Training: Sauti Sol Entertainment has designed a series of masterclasses for professionals in songwriting, production, artist management, law, and marketing within the music industry. These sessions will be led by Grammy Award winners and are designed to equip participants with the skills needed to build internationally acclaimed careers and creative works.

Visual Production: Artists selected within the artistic development program will have the opportunity to benefit from documentary and music video production. Simultaneously, budding animators will receive training under the guidance of industry experts, with the goal of launching animation projects within Sol Kids, a subsidiary of Sauti Sol Entertainment dedicated to educating children about African culture.

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Congratulations to the laureates!



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