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Culture declared a “catalyst for development” at the 9th Summit of ACP Heads of State and Government in Nairobi (9-10 December 2019)

Nairobi, December 2019

“To ensure that democracy, peace and prosperity reign throughout the world, amid global turbulence, the growing fragility of our countries, large or small, is at the heart of the process of transformation of the ACP States”: declared Dr. Patrick I Gomes, ACP Secretary-General at the opening of the 9th ACP Summit, which brought together the Heads of State and Government of the Group in Nairobi from 9 to 10 December 2019.

In addition to these many societal challenges, culture was highlighted, as reflected in the “Nguvu Ya Pamoja” Declaration of Nairobi, which concluded the summit. The signatories call for “A transformed and committed ACP group in favor of multilateralism” and mention the importance of culture as a catalyst for development, before underscoring the commitment of the ACP States to promote and integrate into their national and regional strategies measures to support cultural and creative industries. Finally, the signatories call for unimpeded access to international markets for ACP goods and professionals.
An opportunity seized by the ACP-EU Culture Program, which participated in the “ACP Business Village” on the sidelines of the Summit: throughout the meeting, the programme’s experts were able to meet and inform the various delegations of the member countries as well as cultural and creative operators.

For his part, Kenya’s President, S.E. Uhuru Kenyatta, addressed the ACP Business and Investment Summit to highlight the role of creative economy in the development of the ACP countries by inviting all member countries to explore the many opportunities for investment in the various sectors of the ‘orange’ economy.


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