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Clap ACP: Ousmane Samassekou’s “The Last Shelter” awarded at CPH:Dox

In its first release, the Malian director’s “The Last Shelter” wins the highest award at the prestigious CPH:Dox, the Copenhagen International Documentary Film Festival.

“The Last Shelter” takes us to the House of Migrants in Gao, a temporary asylum for those about to attempt the great crossing of the Sahara, the last stop before the Mediterranean. It is also the place where those who have failed rub shoulders. While some are preparing to turn back, others have unfortunately lost their lives. And finally, there are those who, like Natacha, are wandering because they no longer know who they are or where they come from.

According to the American magazine Variety, “The Last Shelter” delivers a gripping and subtle composite portrait of migrants on the brink of choosing whether to risk being wiped out in pursuit of a modest dream.

This documentary film by Samassekou is the first project completed with the support of the Clap ACP project. It was awarded a production grant of € 75,000 in October 2020 by the Fonds Image de la Francophonie. The film was produced by the Malian company DS’ Productions (Samouté Andrey Diarra) with Les Films du Balibari (France) and STEPS (South Africa).

The film will be presented in May 2021 at the Dokfest festival in Hamburg (Germany) and Dot Docs in Toronto (Canada).


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