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Berlinale World Cinema Fund Day 2020 (Berlin, 26/2/2020)

The ACP-EU Culture Technical Assistance Unit has been invited to participate in the World Cinema Fund Day, held in the framework of the Berlinale, on the 26th February 2020.

The event, focused on the development of new strategies in the fields of cinema and audience development, and on the funding opportunities for African, Caribbean and Pacific productions, has allowed to present the new mechanism WCF-ACP, aiming at optimising and strenghtening the coproduction opportunities for ACP cinema professionals. “With the WCF-ACP programme, we are able to offer a further incentive for cooperation and coproduction. This is aimed at strengthening the independence of the film industries within the WCF regions,” says head of the WCF, Vincenzo Bugno. This fund has been created thanks to the suppor granted to the World Cinema Fund by the ACP-EU Culture programme, in the framework of the “Support to ACP audiovisual coproduction” call for proposals.

Introducing the panel “WCF meets ACP”, Gian Giuseppe Simeone, Team Leader of the ACP-EU Culture Technical Assistance Unit, has presented the programme and its sub-granting mechanisms, insisting also on its regional approach, allowing a better distribution of the funds and a more direct involvement of the competent organisations at regional level.

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