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Belgian Presidency of the EU: Promoting digital culture and media in the EU

Since 1 January 2024, Belgium has held the Presidency of the Council of the European Union for the thirteenth time. Over the next six months, the Belgian Presidency will focus on three main objectives: guaranteeing better protection for European citizens, strengthening cooperation and preparing a common future.

In the cultural field, the Belgian Presidency will play an active role in promoting the digital transformation of cultural sectors and supporting media freedom and pluralism. Particular emphasis will be placed on the growing role of online influencers and content creators in media and society. The Belgian Presidency intends to adopt the Council’s conclusions on support for online influencers and content creators, recognising their significant contribution.

In addition, the Presidency will highlight the importance of European heritage, culture and identity, while emphasising the working conditions of artists and creative professionals.

At the same time, preserving and improving media freedom and pluralism in the European media market remain essential priorities for the public interest and democracy. With this in mind, the Belgian Presidency is committed to finalising work in progress on European legislation on media freedom, in particular the EMFA (European Media Freedom Act), while promoting digital transformation and innovation in the media sector through the MAAP (Media and Audiovisual Action Plan).

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