Support for the cultural and creative sectors in ACP countries

In December 2019, the ACP-EU Culture Programme published a second call for proposals “Support to the cultural and creative sectors in ACP countries”. With a budget of €26,000,000, the call aims to foster the socio-economic development of African, Caribbean and Pacific countries by boosting the cultural and creative sectors as a whole.

Specifically, the call is aimed at:

  • increasing the economic revenues of the creative sector,
  • boosting job creation,
  • improving accessibility, recognition and valorisation of artists and their works at national, regional and international levels.

To achieve its objectives, the call for proposals has a four-pronged strategic approach:

  • creating and producing quality cultural goods and services, at a competitive cost and in increased quantity;
  • optimising the circulation, dissemination and promotion of ACP cultural goods and services in national, regional and international markets;
  • promoting image education;
  • improving access to funding through innovative mechanisms, facilitating co-financing and aiming at reducing the dependence of ACP cultural operators on international funding.

This second call advocates an approach that ensures a better distribution of aid between the different ACP regions by proposing six regional packages. Through a cascading system of funding, it will select partner organisations at international, regional or national level to coordinate calls for proposals for each lot, on an annual basis, for ACP cultural and creative industries. In addition, the partner organisations will have to ensure a significant support and assistance mechanism for cultural operators in order to guarantee the best success of their projects.

Watch the full video of the information session, here.


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