Support for the cultural and creative sectors in ACP countries

The ACP-EU Culture Programme has published on the 20th December 2019 its second call for proposals, entitled “Support for the cultural and creative sectors in ACP countries”. With a budget of 26 million euros, this call aims to promote the socio-economic development of ACP countries, by boosting the cultural and creative sector as a whole. Its priorities are increasing economic revenues from the creative sector, creating jobs linked to the cultural sector and improving accessibility, recognition and promotion of artists and their works at national, regional and international level.

Four axes are privileged to achieve its objectives:

  • the creation/production of quality ACP goods and services, at a competitive cost and in increased quantity,
  • access to national, regional, international markets, circulation/dissemination/promotion of ACP goods and services,
  • visual literacy,
  • improving access to finance through innovative mechanisms, enabling co-funding and aimed at reducing the dependence of ACP cultural operators on international funding.

This call adopts an approach guaranteeing the best distribution between the different ACP regions, by proposing 6 regional lots. Through an innovative sub-granting system, it will select partner organizations at international, regional or national level who will be responsible for managing the budgets for each lot and publishing calls for projects on an annual basis to the attention of the ACP cultural and creative sector. The beneficiary organizations will have to ensure support and assistance for cultural operators, in order to guarantee the best success of their projects.

NB: New deadline for the submission of the proposals: 15/4/2020
The call for proposals and its documentation are available here

View the FAQs regarding the application modalities to this call: FAQ1FAQ2FAQ3 – FAQ4FAQ5 – FAQ6

View the FAQs from the information session held in Brussels: FAQ IS

NB: A corrigendum to the call for proposals has been published on the 12/2/2020

A second corrigendum published on the 21/3/2020 modifies the application modalities (new deadline 15/4/2020 and email submission)

A third corrigendum published on the 4/4/2020 modifies annex M and clarifies the sending modalities of the paper application by post.

An info session has been held on the 12th February 2020 in Brussels, at the Secretariat of the ACP Group of States. Download the detailed presentation of the guidelines here.

Watch the full video of the information session held in Brussels on the 12/2/2020 here


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