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CultureXchange, the online platform at the service of culture professionals

Launched by the European Commission and the Organisation of the ACP States, CultureXchange aims to be an incubator of ideas and projects and a hub where the stakeholders from the cultural and creative sector can connect, meet, interact and exchange.

CultureXchange focuses on topics considered essential for the future of the cultural and creative sectors in the EU partners countries:   EU cultural policies, funding opportunities, collaborative schemes, challenges and aspirations faced by the sector in different parts of the world and more particularly in African, Caribbean and Pacific countries.

The platform provides and relays relevant information, ongoing reflections, studies, projects from the private and public sectors. It offers to its members an open space to share knowledge and skills, to increase professional visibility, to find partnerships, to seek funding, contributing to shape the future of culture.

CultureXchange works as a web-platform and a social media, where you can post topics, announcements, events, create discussion groups, contact colleagues and become friends. It provides you also with a specialized Library space, where the main documentary resources regarding culture and creativity at EU and international level can be accessed and downloaded.

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